Ruínas de Sade

by Ruínas de Sade

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Pedro Jungler
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Pedro Jungler My talking about brazilian stoner/doom scene would be suspect, since i live here, a land where that kind of metal genre is increasingly helping to shed some darkness and fuzz around this wicked doomed world. Very glad to meet such fresh (but still great) release/band, wich whorthily, darckly, with damnation and pestilent riffs gives power and valor to the brazilian doom metal. I hope this sabbathic-dopesmokish offspring now and henceforth haunt first our lands, and then the Earth ruins. Favorite track: Cadáver da Terra.
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Hugo Grubert - Vocals
Vitor "Bob" Zen - Guitars
Paulo Machado - Bass/Synth
Gustavo Gamba - Drums

"Of course, I would recommend this to all doom fans but another shoutout goes to labels: sign these guys, lock them up in a studio for a year, add a solid producer and they might come out with a classic. This is talent!!!"

-Merchants of Air

"Let there be no doubt, Ruinas de Sade worship at the altar of the riff in the venerable Temple of Doom, be under no illusions that these guys are going to fill your head with pretty psychedelic colours and moments of ambient beauty these guys deal in the three D's... downtuned ,dirty and doom"

-Desert Psychlist

"This is the type of release that you can listen to over and over again without getting overly saturated with buzzing doom madness or having to change the music to something else. Every song is very palatable and each song is enjoyable no matter how many times you feel like listening"

-Cadaver Garden

"The structure of the song must be tight. RUINAS DE SADE get that playing slow 'n’ low is no summer stroll in the park. Each of the three pieces in their debut EP move just a tad slower than we’re used to hearing, but it works. The effects and samples, in particular, summon an air of strangeness to the overall encounter. A promising beginning for the four lads from Brusque"

-Doomed and Stoned


released March 17, 2016

Produced by Ruínas de Sade and Superfuzz Studio - Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil.
Recorded at Gamba's House and Solana Star Studio - Brusque/SC, Brazil.
Mixed and mastered by Elton and Gabriel in Superfuzz Studio.

All songs by Ruínas de Sade
Artwork by Ars Moriendee

Special thanks to Moacir Visconti of Experiência Musical and Paulo's grandmother.

South American Sludge Records [S.A.S. 029] from Argentina.



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Ruínas de Sade Brusque, Brazil

We are a psych doom band from Brazil.

Hugo Grubert -

Vitor "Bob" Zen -

Paulo Machado -

Carlos "Molly" -

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